Vi håper på en paring mellom N SE UCH Risangårdens Milo (Akiro) og DaQela's Syringa vinter/vår 2019. 

Valpene vil vokse opp inne sammen med oss. De vil bli levert med stamtavle, 3 kg valpefor, et halsbånd, leiebånd og en leke med mors lukt. De vil selvfølgelig være besiktiget hos veterinær og ha de vaksiner som eventuelt trengs før de reiser. 

We hope for a pairing between N SE UCH Risangårdens Milo (Akiro) and DaQela's Syringa winter / spring 2019.
The puppies will grow up indoors with us.They will be delivered with pedigree, 3 kg food for puppies, a necklace, strap and a toy with mother's smell.They will of course be inspected by the veterinarian and have the vaccines that may be needed before leaving us.

Risangårdens Milo do also have a profil on MyDogDna "Akiro" There you will find info on Dandy Walker, E and S-Locus, and results in over 170 other disorders/diseases that may occur on a dog.He is free of everything but is the carrier of Dandy Walker. He has also taken the blood tests Tgaa Negative - TSH/T4 OK 2015,16,17.

This tests will be taken of DaQela's Syringa (Chila) to :-) 

Do you want to be on a puppies list?Contact us on phone 004798833770. We are waiting to hear from you :-)